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    Post  StancherHades on Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:36 pm

    Minecraft Username:StancherHades
    Position Applying For: "(Administrator or Moderator)."admin, mod is less exciting to me for me I found out after being mod on my friends server
    Timezone:Eastern time
    How long and how many times do you estimate to be on per day?:all day everyday
    How long have you been playing Minecraft:since invev
    How long have you been playing on GengaCraft?: a few months

    .::Important Questions::.
    1. What is your age and your current level of education? 13 in 7th grade
    2. Is English your native language, and if not how many English courses have you taken?yes
    3. In your opinion, what would be the ideal staff? "(150 words minimum)." ideal staff are those who are active and takete their job seriously.Nothing worse than havoc on a server!!! Expecibly from a trusted person. The staff also would need to know alot of the commands if not all.Tell the owner who is breaking the rules. Always report to a higher ranked person for advice or permission if u needed it.the owner left the server he owned to get wild and evetualy I quit from lack of help. So always give others support
    4. What qualifies you to be part of the staff? "(100 words minimum)."i as being an admin I know most of the commands and ways to get info. I also learned u should not change tinytiny things like nicks. But the fact that I have been greifed and bullied alot teached me how vaulble good ppl r and how bad ppl deserve jail but thats what I knew already what I learned is not to be baiased maybe they were threatened to greif and cause havoc and such

    1. If two members had gotten into an argument, how would you break it up, and leave them both happy? "(50 words minimum)." I would give them something they want than jail them for the punishment i will keep them jailed until one tell`s the story if the are both true i would ban the person if he greifes if he killed and stole i will keep him jaild for a day but if he did greif i will ban him for 1 day. If someone broke a rule, and you caught theitm, what would you do? Why? "(50 words minimum)."medium to serve temp ban for genars ruling because we all have mistaked like maybe I missed a piece of info that lead me to wrong diceicion and for low to medium I would jail and get another mod to approve the decsion of concesces like temp ban, mute, jail time.
    3. What if you were notified of a rule-breaker by a member? What would you do? Why?"(50 words minimum)."i would first tp to the notifier as a mob using md and see if he is truely in need or is being annoying or setting up a trap for mods. Once I figure outif its safe and real I would tp to the breaker for pic proof againg using md and call in support if I need
    4. If someone found diamonds and it was broadcasted, what would you do? Why? "(50 words minimum)." I would take note of the finder anf if he is or she is on a ravokne or stripe mine I would let it past but if he or she is hacking the plugins should confuse/stop them and if they r succeding in hacking ban and if they did try ban
    5. If someone cursed you out with the words that haven't been censored, how would you respond? Why? "(50 words minimum)."i would mute for 5 mins, then temp ban for 2 hours, then day then permanent ban

    gengacraft gives me the chance to help people and make trusting friends and get help from the nice staff members.oh and when scocom2 said he finished the parkour he cheated he built a tower to get in but he failed i saw him do it if i were you i would ban him or jail him 2 days thanks for reading king dirty aka gengar! Very Happy

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    Post  Gengarx33 on Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:07 pm

    Application denied.

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