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    power taffy's staff application



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    power taffy's staff application

    Post  powertaffy on Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:33 pm

    about 3 hr in the morning and 3 at night
    been playing minecraft for 1 year
    this is my 2nd day on gengacraft Razz
    1.Age: 16
    3.The ideal staff would be trusted, simple as that.
    4.Well, qualifications are simple. I'm admin on 5 other servers (contact me for proof). i'm also very experienced in building castles,towers,etc.
    1. It depends on the situation, and what the argument is about. Obviously, you would have to get both sides, after all you are the "mediator." Since, i follow logic i would be able to discern who is right and who is lying. If it were personal I would ask them to call each other Very Happy
    2. Once again, it depends on the rule. If they were hacking/griefing the spawn I would be forced to ban them. Anything else, a stern talking to lol. I'm not sure if the server has a jail, yet.
    3. If it was notified, I would make sure what the member said was true. (only trust admins and mods to their word, since they have earned the right for trust).
    4. If someone found diamonds I would simply congratulate them. If they found diamonds over and over I would have to investigate.
    5. I'm not offended by words. i have a steel mind. Lol.
    Thanks, for reviewing. Please take this applications into consideration:
    Here is a joke for you: An old blind man walks past a fish shop "hello ladies"

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    Re: power taffy's staff application

    Post  Gengarx33 on Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:23 am

    Nice joke.
    Application denied.

    ~Topic locked.

    You god damn Gypsies.

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