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    Rytro's Application


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    Rytro's Application Empty Rytro's Application

    Post  Rytro on Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:47 pm

    Username: Rytro
    Minecraft Username: Rytro
    Position Applying For: Either is fine, but I'm going for Administrator.
    Timezone:Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    How long and how many times do you estimate to be on per day?: At least twice a day (including school days).
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: A few months (About 5).
    How long have you been playing on GengaCraft?: About a week.

    Note: I will refer to moderators and administrators as just "admins".

    .::Important Questions::.
    1Q: What is your age and your current level of education?

    1A:I am 12 years old. Just finished Grade 7. Average over 80%.

    2Q: Is English your native language, and if not how many English courses have you taken?

    2A: Pretty much my native language (I speak more fluently in English than my native language(Vietnamese) by FAR).

    3Q: In your opinion, what would be the ideal staff? (150 words minimum).

    A staff of people who are both kind and helpful, and are open to any questions annoying or tough to answer, or even the easy ones. A staff of people who are very mature and insightful (deep thinkers), and are able to deal with fights with ease. They should be friendly, as many of the current staff are, and fair. Not using superiority for friends and favourites of the server.

    Not abusing people they hate because they're annoying, disrespectful, or mean (though a punishment would be made, just not spawnkilling/constant killing, because that's just feeding the revenge and hate). Also, the staff shouldn't disrespect different age groups (though I doubt they would anyways). Maybe the staff could help certain people with building, but they would have to be fair with others too. Or they could be in-game paid. That could be something.

    TL;DR (To sum it up:): The staff should always be fair, respectful, kind, have good judgement (deal with problems as it should be done), and not feed the haters/trolls.

    4Q: What qualifies you to be part of the staff? (100 words minimum).

    4A: I would try my hardest to make GengaCraft a better place. I would continue to do that and push with effort to make GengaCraft more enjoyable and friendly (though it already is). I would also try hard to do everything I listed in #3, and apologize if I make mistakes as I think about the situation. I would always try to be insightful, kind, helpful, and friendly. I would also try hard to help the admins as well, in any way I can. I am smart, kind, I think logically, and I am friendly according to my friends, family, and school tests/report cards Very Happy. I also believe this in myself. Though to be honest, I'm not a very fast runner, and am not too athletic like some others, but I try hard (anyways, I don't think that applies to the internet)!

    I would like to help members of this server learn about and enjoy their surroundings as I learn about others, too!

    I hope for GengaCraft to become a better place
    for everyone to enjoy.

    1Q: If two members had gotten into an argument, how would you break it up, and leave them both happy? (50 words minimum).

    1A: I would try to find a compromise, to leave them both happy. Though leaving both sides happy would be hard, because usually one person is just dumb (in this case, tell them your point of view and try to make them realize they were wrong, then make the two feel better). I could also try to convince them how stupid their argument is, and maybe try to make them feel better about it, if it's a stupid argument. I would try to support the person who is correct, and if a rule is broken, find the appropriate punishment for the offender (of course, that wouldn't leave the offender very happy. Sad )

    2Q: If someone broke a rule, and you caught them, what would you do? Why? (50 words minimum).

    2A: I would punish them accordingly. Especially if they were TRYING to hide it. I would also check up with another admin if they're online or maybe some reliable members on what the punishment would be (though not to completely rely on them, just check whether your punishment might be going too far). I would talk to the rule-breaker, and then, dish out the appropriate punishment.

    3Q: What if you were notified of a rule-breaker by a member? What would you do? Why? (50 words minimum).

    3A: First of all, I would inspect the situation. I couldn't just believe them because they said it. I would have to check it out, review the chat logs (if it's a rule broken through chat), and get them both to explain what was happening. Like in court (in real life). Find if they're guilty/innovent, and review the areas they'd be in (if it's a person modding bricks or using super axes).
    If it's an item hack, I would check their chests, and determine on my own, or with others if it's real/legitimate. I would also ask where the items were from, of course.

    4Q: If someone found diamonds and it was broadcasted, what would you do? Why? (50 words minimum).

    4A: Diamonds being broadcasted? Is that bad?
    It's only bad if it bothers the finder in my opinion. But if it bothers the finder, I'd tell them to not broadcast it, or tell everyone to stop bothering the finder about it with teleport requests or spamming share requests("CAN I HAZ SOME????" would be a share request to me.).

    5Q: If someone cursed you out with the words that haven't been censored, how would you respond? Why? (50 words minimum).

    5A: If someone decided to break the rules and disrespect me as an admin, I would probably give a warning first, depending on severity. If the warning is broken, well, don't feed the hate. I would confirm with another admin if another is on for a suited punishment or talk to them (again, depending on severity). If no other admins are on, and the cursing is pushed too far, I would kick/jail/temporarily ban them.

    My opinions on severity (1- lowest, 5- highest):

    1. Plain cursing from frustration (taking out the anger on an admin; not smart).

    2. Cursing with something stupid.
    Ex: Suck my Fu***** D**k.

    3. Cursing towards you slightly threateningly. Like #2, but MAYBE USING CAPS LOCK??? (Yeah, I CAPS LOCKED that to emphasize the point). Could be insulting.

    4. Cursing towards you threateningly/full of insults. It would be something hurtful, of course.
    (CAPS LOCK + slight threats or insulting.)

    5. Saying something mean about a possible you in real life as to appearance, relationships, your family (EX: YOUR MOM), friends (with CAPS LOCK?).
    EX: UR M0M IS S0 F**K*N UGLY L0L0L I BET U HAVE NO FRIENDS! L0L0L G3T A L1F3 L00L0L! U FAIL!!!111 (Yea, I made bad spelling and wierd leetspeech).

    I really love GengaCraft, and I hope to come on soon as one of the newest admins or moderators of GengaCraft!!! This is my favorite server, so I really hope to make it a fun and fair place for everyone. cheers I enjoyed meeting the current staff too!
    I hope for GengaCraft to constantly become a better place. Very Happy

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    Rytro's Application Empty Re: Rytro's Application

    Post  Gengarx33 on Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:48 pm

    Application denied.
    ~Topic locked.

    You god damn Gypsies.

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