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    Shall i Apply? (Staff App)


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    Shall i Apply? (Staff App)

    Post  Lotsofworlds on Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:48 am

    Minecraft Username:Lotsofworlds
    Position Applying For: Either, or. (Administrator or Moderator).
    Timezone:UTC/GMT -8 hours
    How long and how many times do you estimate to be on per day?: Well, since its summer i will be on alot. but if i know im ganna be away for awhile i would tell ahead of time.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: About 2-3 months.
    How long have you been playing on GengaCraft?:
    i've been a member for 2.5 months but only played for about 2-3 weeks.
    .::Important Questions::.
    1. What is your age and your current level of education? Age:14 10th grade.
    2. Is English your native language, and if not how many English courses have you taken? i take spanish in SCHOOL. but i reallly realllyy suck in it. and yes, i do only speak english.
    3. In your opinion, what would be the ideal staff? (150 words minimum).An ideal staff? First if i made a server, i would want to have a staff that would be on alot and not just like on and the off. but to stay on and NOT AFK, but be there when someone needs help. or something goes wrong during the server and on the Forums. An ideal staff wouldnt, or should i say shouldn't allways be so strict and be nice and welcome newcomers. but at times of need be dead serious. And even though a staff is a staff, they still need rules, so i would expect them to follow them, just like any other player in the server. HONESTY is also a good ingredient of a ideal staff. Not picking Favorites... Basic Common sense. Also liking my staff funny and entertaining at the same time, and being creative, instead of just being boring and BORING. They need to actually like the server and want it to keep going. And that's about it.
    4. What qualifies you to be part of the staff? (100 words minimum).Well, First, i have about MOST the qualities in what i said in my 3rd question of "IMPORANT QUESTIONS". i Am my self a very active player, and even if i get killed, griefed, stolen, put down, what ever the shit people do i still play. because i dont only like the server i LOVE the server. i have qualities i think to become a staff, including HONESTY, i don't play favorites even if i have at the moment enemies and allies. i feel that if something isn't right i will have to investigate into it and eventually come to the right conculsion, giving both "parties" what they deserve. i am also very fun, i HOPE, unless someone were to hate me for anyreason they would disagree. i am in ways CREATIVE. i can tell stories (; ahha. i Just love minecraft, its addicting ;P

    1. If two members had gotten into an argument, how would you break it up, and leave them both happy? (50 words minimum).If two membbers gotten into an argument/fight about anything, i would look for the right one, ask if anyone was their, well first immediately teleport to them and see whats going on.ask both for their sides of the story and determine whats right or wrong, leaving both happy, maybe not, because one might get banned and be mad... that's just how things work. but i would try my best to make both "parties"(people) happy.
    2. If someone broke a rule, and you caught them, what would you do? Why? (50 words minimum). If someone broke a rule and i caught them, i would ask them what their doing. and tell them to stop if it can be stopped and delt with, but if they dont stop i would tell them the reason i am going to ban them and then ban them for that specific reason. And maybe tell them how to get unbanned by posting a forum at the website and see if Gengar would unbann you.
    3. What if you were notified of a rule-breaker by a member? What would you do? Why? (50 words minimum). i Would basically do what i did to break up a fight and ask both of them what they saw/did then investigate using plugins or just common sense, like seeing if he was a greifer before or a rule-breaker before and determain it that way. but if it was totally a random guy i would look more deeply into it. if i couldnt not find a one way answer i would tell them to not do it again and alert me right when its happening again.
    4. If someone found diamonds and it was broadcasted, what would you do? Why? (50 words minimum). Well, to this server since it is anti-x-ray i would not really care about him/her using xray or not, but i might be curious about what they are doing if they find more then 1 patch really quickly. probably say good job and things. but if this were not to anti-xray server for anyreason what so ever, i would tp to him, especially if it were 0 visablitly and check if he dug right to them or if he was mining legit.
    5. If someone cursed you out with the words that haven't been censored, how would you respond? Why? (50 words minimum).Me???? Well it would all depend on what hhe's saying beacuse somethings make me realllly mad and somethings make me MAD. thats all, so if it wernt that bad i'd probably ask to him to CALM DOWN. and CHILL OUT. rofl. probably wont work, so if it got out of hand i would give him a kick, as a bann warning if he comes back immedieanly and starts spamming cuss words and being stupid, BANNN HAMMER. And probably look into why he was cussing and stuff, and explain to him how im sooo much more right then he is. and YEP.

    -Lotsofworlds (ShroomWorlds) Suspect

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