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    HeroTofu a pvplogger.


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    HeroTofu a pvplogger.

    Post  Lotsofworlds on Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:17 pm

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    We were fighting him and we used ender pearls to get up in his base and he logged out and now he logged back in but didnt do /login. The picture is proof. idk why you cant see it but... heres the link.
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    Re: HeroTofu a pvplogger.

    Post  _Erza_Scarlet_ on Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:37 am

    Lawl you can see my name in the screenshot.
    I think there should be a plugin that stops pvp logging somehow.I mean Tofu isn't the only one PvP logging.Blackace46 or Blackace56 is also pvp logging constantly,and so is DeadMiner18 or Deadminer19 (can't really remember their names correctly)
    BTW SkittyScat was raging after we got into the base and was all like "Fuck Nightmares" "Nightmares are GAY!!!!" I mean I really don't mind a bit cussing after all seeing people rage a bit is kinda funny.Skitty kept cussing us for like 10 minutes...He also mentioned we were cheaters just because PRAJNAFIRST (not me I'm innocent!!!) Neutraled him and tpd rebelraider1 who was already in his base.

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    A little bit


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    Re: HeroTofu a pvplogger.

    Post  Crazykid1099 on Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:26 pm

    I agree with Ezra_Scarlet. I have been watching the server and so far, all three of them PVP-Logged. I didn't get a chance to capture any screen-shots, so I am just letting the users know that watch out for them.


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    Re: HeroTofu a pvplogger.

    Post  Simba_703 on Mon Jul 09, 2012 7:11 pm

    True story every time me and Herotofu pvp he leaves the game then joins and doesn't log in

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    Re: HeroTofu a pvplogger.

    Post  Gengarx33 on Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:02 pm

    PVP logging is getting to be a problem. I might have to download a plugin that can stop it.
    He's been temporarily banned for 24 hours.

    You god damn Gypsies.

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    Re: HeroTofu a pvplogger.

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