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    Lord_Danyel staff application


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    Lord_Danyel staff application Empty Lord_Danyel staff application

    Post  Lord_Danyel on Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:38 pm

    Username: Lord_Danyel
    Minecraft username: Lord_Danyel
    position applying for: administrator
    timezone: Eastern Standarn Time (EST)
    1.I would at least play for 5 hours,every day
    2.About 3-5 years
    3.At least 1-2 months

    1.Grade 10th
    2.English is my language i speak it 24/7
    3.An ideal STAFF in my opinion is a person who has experience in what they are doing, for example, if a player needs help making a house and if the staff doesnt know how to make a house,then (NO EXPIERIENCE) and someone who is quick and fast (example:if player needs help , the staff should help him at that moment or a couple of minutes)and staff that dont cyber bully or pick on anyone (example: if player ask for something, then staff picks on him saying "beggar" or "annoying". and finally someone who doesnt go against the rules, (example: if a person in the staff knows the rule , and since he knows he is the staff he thinks they could do what ever they want to without following the main rules just because hes a part of the authority (staff).
    4.i don't mean to brag, but what qualifies me to be a part of the staff is that im helpful and i come to where needed, i follow the rules , if someone picks on me ill just ignore them and move on , im really more to the community than myself and i like to hang with people and not just be a boring staff member but be someone whos fun and likes to have fun. and finally , i qualify to be a part of the staff because i respect.. i respect people who dont give respect to me and i also respect people who do give respect to me, respect to fellow friends,fellow strangers playing this server and so on.

    1.if two members was in an argument i would rush to the scene , talk to one of the members ask them whats going on and what happened , then ill go to the other member ask them what happen and what is going on then ill tell one of the members to chill and let the other member explain and if the member that is chilling agrees then i say "well guys dont fight, just hang-out and see how it goes from there"
    2.i would have to give them consequences like jail for 1-24 hours (depending of what rule they broke).because its teaches the rule breaker not to do it again and if they do it again then its going to leave to ban or even more time in jail
    3.i would speak to the staff and tell them what happen truthfully because i dont believe in lies and hope the staff help me sort this out.because the staff can help me because they are called "staff".
    4.i would rush over there and who ever was there (except the person the found the diamonds) and give them warnings at least 3 and say not "do touch the diamonds if you do you will be punished with consequences".because its not going to be fair if the guy the first found the diamonds didn't get none because people where stuffing his mine and his space and take his diamonds.
    5.i would say "please calm down and don't curse please just calm down and if you keep swearing im going to have to punish you with Mute." because i want the person to stop cursing so im going to have to find a way for him to stop from warnings to mute. thank you

    Very Happy i hope you accept this staff application senserially,

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    Lord_Danyel staff application Empty Re: Lord_Danyel staff application

    Post  _Erza_Scarlet_ on Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:05 pm

    Very nice application, but I noticed a few grammar errors.I haven't really seen you in game that much, I think I first saw you 2 days ago or something like that.

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    A little bit

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    Lord_Danyel staff application Empty lol yep cuz i play on another server

    Post  Lord_Danyel on Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:25 pm

    Surprised im new to this forums and i thought u were a guys lol sorry Razz and how u put profile pic?

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    Lord_Danyel staff application Empty Re: Lord_Danyel staff application

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