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    codyayates Application

    Post  codyayates on Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:39 pm

    Ive been playing minecraft since 1.1
    Ive been on Gengacraft for a year almost

    1.Im 15 and i make almost straight A's in the 9th grade and my math is college level
    2.English is my language, i speak alittle japanese.
    3.A nice guy who helps people with problems, and likes to play with others on survival, dont plan on me killing people because im terrible pvp.
    4.To have fun, and protect the server with my fullest extent/potential

    1.I would keep them seperated and fix and damages they did, or give back others players stuff back depending on how large the argument is
    2.I would give them a warning, if they do it again they will get tempban, third i ban them. If they hack i ban them.
    3.I would check on the player that the person said and check what he is doing, cause some people lie ya know.
    4.I would tell them to stop. Thats personal.
    5.I would tempban and possibly ban depending on what the other admin/mods suggest.

    Ive been baned once but that was on an accident, i was playing on my friends minecraft and he had a hacked client, and it got me banned, i didnt motice it untill i got baned.

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