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    AcidRa1n's Application



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    AcidRa1n's Application

    Post  AcidRa1nSt0rm on Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:59 am

    Username: AcidRa1nSt0rm
    Minecraft Username: AcidRa1nSt0rm
    Position Applying For: (Moderator)or whatever you think i'm good for.
    Timezone:New York, Eastern
    How long and how many times do you estimate to be on per day?:Every other day. mostly everyday
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: bout 2 years
    How long have you been playing on GengaCraft?: ever since it started, and became a donor the next day lol

    .::Important Questions::.
    1. What is your age and your current level of education?
    14-turning 15 Oct 10, Freshman highschool
    2. Is English your native language, and if not how many English courses have you taken?
    Spanish English Russian Portuguese.
    3. In your opinion, what would be the ideal staff? (150 words minimum).
    To be honest, the ideal staff is someone who cares a lot about the server.
    And i care. And To be helpful and be there when mostly needed.
    4. What qualifies you to be part of the staff? (100 words minimum).
    Well i'm not a pro in minecraft but i know about most commands.
    i can catch grieffers and helpout building, or help setup plugins.
    And keep the people happy in the server

    1. If two members had gotten into an argument, how would you break it up, and leave them both happy? (50 words minimum).
    First ask what happend, than ask the other one what would make him happy. Than ask the other one what would make him happy till they agree =)

    2. If someone broke a rule, and you caught them, what would you do? Why? (50 words minimum).
    Depends if its something against the major rules if the consiquance is a ban ill have to do it.
    if its not so serious ill ask Hunter what to do with em, or just talk to him into not doing it again or consiquances will apply.

    3. What if you were notified of a rule-breaker by a member? What would you do? Why? (50 words minimum).
    ill need some evidance if they have it Consiquances will apply.. And sorry for my spelling.. nor American im Russian.

    4. If someone found diamonds and it was broadcasted, what would you do? Why? (50 words minimum).
    ill... /vanish /tp Playername, and see what he doing just to see if Xray was being used.

    5. If someone cursed you out with the words that haven't been censored, how would you respond? Why? (50 words minimum).
    I would Ask Hunter to Censor them if there supposed too, like Hoe shouldnt cuz its a tool name..
    But yeah ill probbaly kick em for like 5 mins


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    Re: AcidRa1n's Application

    Post  jose12rocks on Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:52 pm


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    Re: AcidRa1n's Application

    Post  Xshadow01X on Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:42 am

    I think Admins know how to choose their mods.

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    Re: AcidRa1n's Application

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