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    Penguinzs application


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    Penguinzs application

    Post  penguinzs on Tue May 08, 2012 10:54 pm

    Minecraft Username:penguinzs
    Position Applying for: Administrator
    Timezone: Pacific Timezone
    Time i can play: about 1-2 hrs a day but maybe some days i cant play but mostly 1-2 hrs
    Minecraft playtime: Started A year ago
    Gengarcraft Playtime: 1-1/2 months or 2
    Important Quiestions
    1.Age and Level of education: 16 normally get A's never got f and in 10th grade
    2.My native language is English
    3. Would be a hardworking person that is always trustworthy,hardworking,honest and respectful
    4. I quialify because ive been Administrators on 3 servers and im mod on 2
    1. I would see theyre problem and keep working until i fix it. Then i would see if theyre satisfied But if theyre not i would tell them what they want and tell them how to fix it. Well because i see its the best solution that i would like to do without having them get very angry.
    2. Depends on what rule But on many i would /tempban him and tell u about him and let u decide what you want because i dont want to take people away frome your server.Why because i dont want to take people away frome your server you can decide want you want to do with them or to see theyre punishment.
    3.I would see why im a rulebreaker and let him speak then i would reason and if im not i would tell him all my reasioning and if we does not understand i will reason with you (If you want).If i did break a rule i would discuss with you and tell you what happened.
    4.If they are gettin ALOT of diamonds over a short period of time i shall see theyre tunnel if they are in pure darkness or atleast near to it i will see and argue with him. Then if theyre tunnels are direct or something that looks like its a tunnel that is hacked by xray i will tempban him. Because well i think if they should get atleast a second chance to play and hopefully they dont hack anymore
    5.I would /kick him and tell him that those words are not allowed and then when he relogs i will tell him to stop the words first warning and then later on if your on i will tell you what the words are that you havent censored and then i will tell the guy i gave a warning thanks for following the rules (if he acts right) if he does not i would tell him that he should watch out now. This Because i see that its the best sollution that i think that is the best solution

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