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    DrSaints Application


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    DrSaints Application

    Post  DrSaint on Wed May 09, 2012 12:25 am

    Username: DrSaint
    Minecraft Username: DrSaint
    Position Applying For: Moderator
    Timezone: Pacific
    How long and how many times do you estimate to be on per day?: About 10-15, more during the Summer.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: About a year now
    How long have you been playing on GengaCraft?:
    About 3 days
    .::Important Questions::.
    1. I am 15 and currently enrolled in the 9th grade, but I am supposed to be in the 10th because of a registry fault during preschool.
    2. Yes it is. I also have a large and sophisticated vocabulary if I might add.
    3. The IDEAL staff would obviously not be perfect. No one is. But they need to have all the traits that are compatible with all people. They should be funny, caring, mature, experienced, Strict but understanding.
    4. After being a year veteran, I feel its time to take the next step and start showing my real skills and keeping peace in servers. I am very well experienced with plugins, and solving problems with other people/things.

    1. Asses the situation like a debate. Calm them both down first, then hear out both sides of the argument, then help them come to and understanding without brute force.
    2. I would follow whatever guidelines we have for that, ONLY after I find out what and why they did what ever they did, and proof if possible.
    3. Making sure it is legit is the hardest thing. I would ask if they did anything to catch the act. Video, Screenshot, ect. If not, I would ask for any witnesses. If they're aren't any, I would contact higher authority.
    4. Say "Congratz". There really is no wrong doing there.
    5. I would kindly tell them to stop, and calm them down. But if they persisted, I would follow the staff guidelines of moderation actions.

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