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    Spleef Arena Please?


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    Spleef Arena Please? Empty Spleef Arena Please?

    Post  TheLapiz on Thu May 31, 2012 8:23 am

    So I was Thinking About A Spleef Arena.If A Player On the Server Gets Bored (Which Will Be Rare Laughing) They Can Just Go Spleef.Spleef Tournaments Are Fun And Exiting,If You Are Not Familiar With "Spleef" Its A Little Free For Everyone Gets A Shovel And The Floor Is Made Out Of Snow And Under Is Water, the Goal Is To Break/Punch the Snow On The Floor And Have Your Opponents Fall In them The Last Man Standing Wins!Oh And Just A Extra Can the Winner Get A Prize,That Will Be Very Awesome!
    Hope You Read This!

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